You will need
  • computer, microphone
Open the settings of your microphone. Let's see how you set the sensitivity. If it is low, increase it and try the MIC in action again. If I heard a little better, but the quality still does not suit you, increase the sensitivity until the level until the sound does not seem optimal. If the sensitivity has already reached the maximum level and still not hear what you say through the microphone, you will need to more thoroughly deal with the settings of the microphone.
Launch the Windows mixer. On the taskbar in the lower right corner, double click on the icon "Volume", it looks like a round speaker. If the icon does not appear, it can be easily disabled. Then press "start" go to "control Panel" and open "Sounds and audio devices" (the name may be slightly different depending on your operating system). Next to Show icon on the taskbar" check the box. If the icon does not appear, then check if on your computer the audio drivers. Their incorrect operation or a lack of can be one of the causes of problems with the microphone. In this case, install or reinstall sound drivers relevant to your operating system.
If in a running mixer does not display the controller 's microphone, via the menu "Settings" go to "Properties" and turn on the controller. Uncheck "Off" to check whether the microphone, blow into it. If from the speakers will rustle, so that's all right. Return the mark "Off", otherwise, all the noises and your voice you will hear through your speakers.
Switch the mixer mode to "Recording" tab of "Properties". Check the box Selected ("On"). Now open settings. Note the line "20db Boost" – this will add a notable 20 decibels to the sensitivity of the microphone.
If the microphone still does not work, but his health you are sure, check whether the stuck plugs. In addition, check the settings of the program through which you make audio/video calls (Skype), Mail Agent, etc.). Can be so that the microphone is selected by default is not the device that you have connected.