Launch the Windows mixer. Its the icon with the image dynamics is in the lower right corner. If the icons of the mixer there is, perhaps, his display is disabled. Click start – control Panel – Sounds and audio devices and tick the “Show icon on taskbar”.
Double click on the icon call up the mixer volume settings. If the mixer has no volume control of the microphone, then click Options – Properties and tick the microphone. Save the changes.
When you see the volume control of the microphone, you must set the desired volume level.
The next step is to switch the mixer in recording mode to adjust the controllers input. In the mixer window, click Options – Properties – Recording.
Now the window is called the record Level. Be sure to check below this window next to the Selected tick. Click the Settings button.
A check mark in the lower right corner opposite the 20db Boost will increase the gain sensitivity of the microphone by 20 decibels.
Finally, adjust the parameters in the area of Volume and Balance with vertical and horizontal regulator. Guide voice test - are you satisfied with the sound. If not, then raise the volume control even higher, and can be directly to the maximum level.
Once you have found the best volume level, you can experiment with balancing (horizontal slider). Its movement in one direction or another will give a sounding voice either stiffness or softness.
If all the settings are done, but the person still voice does not reach, you should check the settings in Scype or other program for voice messaging. As a microphone the program can use the wrong device. Select Menu – Tools – Settings – audio settings – Microphone, there select the device that Skype can use as a microphone.