Adjust the microphone by default:- click start, then in search field enter the name of the device. When prompted, select the list item "device Manager";
- open the "Sound, video and game controllers". If you right-click on "audio driver", uninstall the driver for the microphoneand;
- after the audio driver is removed, again click "start" in the search box type the word "backup" and click "OK";
- menu opens in which you need to follow all instructions, after which the audio driver will be installed by default.
Check for a faulty microphoneand:- as is often the built in microphone located at the top of the display, adjust the display of the laptop so that it was located directly in front of the mouth;
to record sound through the built in microphone it is advisable to choose the room where there is background noise;
- open the start menu and enter in the search field the word "Text" or "Sound". Select in the results list, the item "Recording device";
- start "Record" and speak into the microphone , any sound. After that, save the file in a convenient place, e.g. on your desktop.
- to reproduce recorded sound, open the file using "Windows Media" or any other player;
- if playback is missing, start to follow the steps in the next stage.
Check the settings of the microphoneand "Microphone", select "Properties" and make sure that it is enabled;
- open the "Levels" tab and set the maximum value for the volume settings (100%);
- open the "Advanced" tab and select the check boxes that are possible, all fields;
- click "Apply" and then "OK". Then close all Windows;
- record the sound again in order to check the microphone.