First of all, check if your laptop microphone in principle. Actually, now 99% of the laptops are manufactured with built-in microphone, but the check will not be superfluous. To do this, inspect the body of the laptop and read the specification. In the documents to your notebook is sure to be written, it has a built-in microphone or not. Be aware that if your laptop has a web camera, the microphone, there is a certain. The microphone can also be seen through "device Manager".
Check and microphone settings via the control Panel of your laptop. In control Panel open the "Sound", "Recording" tab, if the MIC built into your computer, it will appear there. Click "Properties". Is it turned on, the device settings on the tab "Levels", "Enhanced" "Advanced".
If the microphone as a device is present in the control Panel, but have still not heard, maybe it's the fact that it's set in a very quiet audio. In this case, it is necessary to increase the sensitivity of the device. Again, go to control Panel and open "Sound". Open the menu item "Properties" from the device Microphone. In the Advanced tab, check the options "Allow applications to use the device in exclusive mode" and "to give priority to applications in exclusive mode". Then put the highest bit depth and sample rate. Try after that to test the microphone. If everything is in order, your voice is clearly heard, it means that you have configured the device correctly. If you are still not heard, try again to change the bit depth and frequency. Please note that this problem can be also in amplifying the sound, which is regulated under the tab "Improvement".