Advice 1: How to set microphone in webcam

The popularity of web-cameras is growing every day more and more. They allow you to communicate with other Internet users to photograph objects in front of the computer. Currently, users often have various problems that are associated with configuring the microphone in the webcam. To resolve this issue, configure all the parameters in the system.
How to set microphone in webcam
You will need
  • Personal computer, Microphone
To install a webcam on your computer, it is necessary to connect using the connector and download the software that will be included. After installation of the software should all work. But there can be problems. After you have installed the webcam, try to test the sound.
First go to "start". Select "control Panel". There you will find an icon called "Sounds and audio devices". Open it.
The voice options should be set as “realtek hd audio output”. In the same view and microphone settings. If something is not, then reinstall the driver. Delete old and upload new.
If you plan to use Skype, check there that it is set to microphone. Built-in webcam microphone always gives some failures. If you have the camera driver, try to configure the microphone. In the case where none of the above helps, it is necessary to run Skype through UVC driver.
When you connect your webcam, download to it driver. Next, you should see a camera icon in a folder "My computer". Open this icon and you will see a list of settings. Select everything that is connected with sound, and click "Insert".
Configure sound in the program, which communicate via microphone. Set the volume dynamics. When you run Skype you will see the welcome window. We will have to set the settings headset and web camera. Click on "Test sound". Should open three tabs in which you check and configure the device.
Can try to go to "device Manager". There view, not set by any chance an exclamation point on the tab "Host controllere tyres. Get him.
Installing drivers for the microphones on the computer. In General, there are many websites and online forums, where experienced users give advice regarding the search for a suitable driver for the microphone. If necessary, each newcomer can turn to a professional programmer who will tell you what the driver for the microphone must be installed.
Useful advice
Many users who put Windows XP on my laptop complaining about the problem with the microphone. The problem is that the microphone volume is very small and the sides simply do not hear. Click on the Effects... button and select ClearType in the box. Here, perhaps, all If you have something does not work, try these drivers for the sound

Advice 2: How to set up the sound on the webcam

More and more people around the world communicate on the Internet using web cameras. Such a relationship has no boundaries, most of them free, and also allows you to see and hear the person located on the other side of the globe. However, before you start the conversation, you need to configure the necessary equipment. In particular, it is necessary to start to work built in webcam microphone.
How to set up the sound on the webcam
You will need
  • Computer, webcam, Skype, initial skills for work with computer
Make sure that the microphone is the webcam connected to the computer. If the cable has a single USB connector the microphone connected on it though. If the cable is the webcam has at the end of the fork with separate microphone plug, insert it into microphone Jack of computer. Usually, it's pink and next to it shown schematically the microphone.
Check that the microphone was included in the system. To do this, click "Sounds and audio devices" in "control Panel" and click "Advanced" to open the mixer device. In the strip with scale microphone volume menu option "off" if there is a checkmark, remove it and lift the slider on the volume bar of the MIC in the up position.
Start the Skype program. In the menu bar, select "Tools" and select "Settings". In the opened window, select "sound settings". In the right window displays the available settings for microphone and speakers. In the field of microphone settings there is a line for device selection. If the microphone of the web camera connected via USB, in this line, select "USB microphone". If a microphone is connected through a connector on your sound card, change nothing.
Under the line selection device located scale microphone volume. To increase or decrease the volume, remove the check mark next to "Allow automatic configuration of microphone and the movement of the slider to set the desired volume level. To verify the MIC using the test call of Skype.
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