Advice 1: How to enable internal microphone on laptop

All modern laptops come with built-in microphone, which frees from worries about buying it separately. But it happens that the inbuilt microphone is not functioning, and if the problem is not the fault of the microphone ought to go to the system settings.
How to enable internal microphone on laptop
Consider the most universal and simple way to unmute the microphone, independent of installed drivers and audio card of your computer.

The first paragraph of step instruction for Windows 7, one for Windows XP.

Images are for Windows 7.

We find in the tray the loudspeaker icon and click on it right mouse button.

Go to start -> All programs –> accessories –> Entertainment -> Volume control
How to enable internal microphone on laptop
In the menu that appears select "Recording devices".
Open "Settings", the select "Properties".
How to enable internal microphone on laptop
Find and select by clicking the left mouse button the desired microphone.
Find "Microphone" and put a tick opposite it. OK.
How to enable internal microphone on laptop
Click the right mouse button on the microphone and select "Enable".

If the icon has become colored and it did the tick, all is done correctly.
Go to the menu "Volume" (see first step). Looking for the slider under "Microphone", move it to the desired position (adjustable sensitivity of the microphone).
How to enable internal microphone on laptop
Fine-tune the microphone allow utilities that depend on the type of your sound card. One of the most common – "Realtek Manager". There you can set effects such as noise reduction and echo cancellation, so you can set the distance from the microphone to the speaker and so on.
Useful advice
If multiple microphones , you need to determine you can just knock next to him and watching the reaction on the green bars icon next to the device(see image in step 4). The one near which the band jumps is needed.

Advice 2 : How to turn off microphone on laptop

Portable computers have long become technical devices with which to communicate while in different parts of the world. Earlier it was possible only by sending letters via e-mail. Now, thanks to the built-in microphone appeared an opportunity of voice communication using a laptop. However, there are situations when built-in microphone must be turned off.
How to turn off microphone on laptop
You will need
  • - the user manual for your laptop;
  • - instructions to the program voice communication;
  • - screwdriver set.
Read the user manual of your portable computer. All models laptops individual. Some have a separate key is responsible for switching on and off the built-in microphone, others do not. As a rule, the modern notebook has a built-in microphone in addition to a dedicated line output, through which you can connect an external microphone.
On most modern models have a hardware switch. Thanks to this device does not need to make any changes to the settings. The system will automatically shut down built-in microphone as soon as you connect the external via the line output of your laptop.
Click "start menu" and select "control Panel". Next click "Sound". At the top select the tab "Recording". You will now see a list of working MICS. Usually there's two of them – "Microphone" (it's embedded in your phone device) and "line"(the external microphone that you have connected to the laptop).
Double click the left mouse button, go built-in microphone. At the bottom there's a "device usage". In the drop-down menu select "do Not use this device (disabled.)
Then click "Apply" and "OK". Now your built-in microphone is turned off. This sequence is relevant to portable computers that are running Windows 7 other operating systems this may vary slightly.
Also you can temporarily switch off the built-in microphone directly from the interface of practically all software for voice communication. It is necessary to read the user manual to this program. In most cases you just need to press a specific button in the program window.
Turn off built-in microphone mechanically in that case, if you want to be safe from his arbitrary inclusion or from unauthorized access to your machine. For this you need to disconnect the microphone from the internal connector.
Find sound hole. If it is located on the laptop monitor, then disconnect only need to remove the front bar. Disconnect all plugs. Underneath them, locate the bolts.
Gently Unscrew them. Then open the latch with a plastic screwdriver or credit card. Locate the microphone and gently pull it from its slot, unplugging the pad.
If the microphone is located on the bottom of the laptop, produce a partial dismantling of the case and in the same way, disconnect the microphone.
The microphone can be completely pulled out or leave inside the case, just disabling the block.
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