You will need
  • PC;
  • in - ear headphones with microphone.
Multimedia headphone has a built-in microphone, equipped with two inputs. The microphone input is marked in red, and the output on earphones — green. Connectors are located next to, not to be confused. Include both plug into their designated sockets.
Any peripheral device connected to the computer must be provided by the corresponding program. Usually, the driver will be installed automatically. If the first time you connect this does not happen, check for disk included with the device, and install the program on their own.
After connecting, headphones with microphone you want to configure. Click "start", then "control Panel" and the icon "Sounds and audio devices". In the window that appears you will see several tabs.
Adjust the quality of the recording, play the sound through the microphone is in the tab "Speech". To adjust the microphone volume, you must enable it and use the options "Record speech", "voice Playback". Step away from the speakers if the MIC audible background noise.
Check headphones with MIC work. Say something into the microphone can you hear yourself in the headphones? If not, turn the microphone on playback. For this purpose, in the right corner of the monitor where the clock is, look for the speaker icon. Hit it twice with the left mouse button and uncheck "Off" in the window "Volume" where it says "Microphone". Then find "Settings" or "Properties" and tick the microphone boost check box. To communicate in Skype, these options will be enough.
If the device selected for recording songs, pay attention to additional options. To do this, select the checkbox in the "Parameters" tab will appear a new button "configuration". Switch-check the audio recording and click OK. Also, for the record, you will need a special program – audio editor program. Note Adobe_Audition_CS5.5_v4.0.1815.
Check the microphone recording level in control panel. Select "Sounds and audio devices", go to the tab "Speech". The recording level is adjusted by pressing the buttons "Volume". Next, find the button "Check" the window Wizard "check audio device". Adjust the volume scale a corresponding slider. Test the microphone on the website