You will need
  • A personal computer microphone.
Make sure that the microphone is physically present in the system, that is connected to the PC. To do this, expand the system unit and check that its plug is properly connected, that is, into the Jack. In most cases this socket is marked with a tiny icon of a stylized microphone.
Making sure that the microphone is plugged in, open the personal computer the control panel. Then, depending on your computer operating system, select the "Sounds and audio devices" or "Sound". Make sure that the microphone settings are not muted.
Select "sound transmission without treatment for the driver, this will allow the sound to be transmitted, not reflected in the columns.
Open the Skype application. Select the menu "Tools" and click on "Settings". In the opened section "sound adjustment" adjust the volume of the connected microphone. To verify the settings, make a test call. The recording, made in an automatic service that will allow you to listen as he hears the interlocutor.