You will need
  • Computer, headphones, includes a microphone.
Make sure that your computer software installed for your sound card. If the driver is not installed, follow their installation by inserting in the drive the boot disk with the necessary (the disk should be supplied with computer/sound card). Run the driver installation in the default folder, and restart the system. After the computer restarts, you will see the agent icon of the sound card, which will be located in the system tray. Now you can begin to connect the headphones and microphone on them.
If you notice at the end of the wire the device, you will see it is split into two parts, the tail, with a pink and green plug. Pink plug to the microphone, respectively, the green plug headphone Jack.
Insert the green plug into the corresponding color connector on the rear panel of the computer. On the desktop the window Manager the sound card where you need to identify the connected device as a headphone. Apply the settings and check whether the sound playback. After you go to the microphone connection.
Insert the pink plug into the socket, which will correspond to its color (this nest is also located on the rear panel of your PC). Manager sound card again cause on the desktop dialog box. In this window you need to identify the connected device as a microphone.
When connecting wireless headphones with microphone such manipulation is not necessary.