You will need
  • - Bank card;
  • - The PIN code;
  • - the account number at the power company or agent in charge of receiving payments for electricity;
  • the account balance is sufficient to cover the required amount.
Insert the card into the ATM.
Select the language of communication, if the ATM prompted. Most often you must choose between Russian and English, in some cases, may be provided and other European languages - German or French. It is optimal to choose Russian, even if you know of any more of the available languages.
Enter the PIN code, then press the enter key or the other in accordance with the instructions on the ATM screen.
In the list of available operations, select the payment service or other closely related variant.
Select the menu utilities and then electricity. In some machines, the cost of electricity may be available in the first menu.
If the ATM offers a list of several vendors or agents to receive payments, select your.
Enter the account number or other identifier. It needs to be indicated on the payment documents (invoice or net receipts, which you must fill out independently on the basis of meter readings) obtained from the electricity supplier or agent.
Enter the payment amount.
Check the entered data, if needed, make corrections, then give the command for payment.
Take and keep the receipt that you will be given an ATM upon completion of the operation. In cases of dispute it will serve as proof that you made the payment and its amount.