You will need
  • counter;
  • writing instruments;
  • receipt
When you record meter readings, pay attention to all the numbers that are on the counter from the first to the last in the series. The unit takes one full turn counter, which corresponds to 10,000 kilowatts per hour.
To calculate how much to pay for the wasted electricity, you need to record the meter values on a monthly basis. It is recommended to take readings and pay the bills on the first of each month. Spent amount of electricity is calculated as follows. From the testimony that you just removed from the meter, take the readings, which were recorded last month. The difference obtained between these values, and have spent during the month the number of kilowatt.
How to pay for light on the meter
Multiply the resulting number by the current rate. You can find out by phone from firm-the supplier of electricity in your city. The total amount and must be paid.
How to pay for light on the meter
Then fill in the receipt, enter all counter values, recorded at the moment. Write to, at what rate you are paying - single-phase, two-phase or three-phase, the cost per kilowatt and the amount to be paid.
How to pay for light on the meter
Pay the ticket in any convenient way - through the savings Bank, Internet, telephone, special payment terminals. For receipts, contact the supplier of the services. They will provide the owner of the subscriber, consisting of blank receipts. Today, however, most banks accept payment and even without any paperwork, is enough to call the counter and your address and you will automatically calculate the payment amount for electricity.