Advice 1: How to pay for the electricity via the terminal

At the moment all the main terminals allow you to pay them via housing and communal services and electricity. This will save you from tedious queues at the Bank, since the terminal a lot and you can make a payment in any convenient for you time.
How to pay for the electricity via the terminal
You will need
  • The payment terminal;
  • A receipt with the details;
  • Cash.
In order to make a payment, you need to select the desired option on the terminal screen. First, select the item "utility services" or "Utilities" (depends on terminal type), then choose your energy company. For Moscow "Mosenergosbyt" in other parts of your company. If you are not sure what company serves your home, don't worry – its name should be written on the receipt.
Next you need to enter the account number. It is written on the receipt. Be careful not to be mistaken, because the room is long. It is best then to recheck it again to not "give" their money to another person. Then you enter the code RR – it is in the upper right corner of the receipt, which consists of three digits.
After you have entered the account number and sort code RR and clicked "next" on the screen will appear to select payment amount. In this window, enter either the digit indicated on the receipt, or calculated by you based on the counter sum. Remember that, unlike the teller in the savings Bank, the machine does not accept coins and does not give change, so the amount must be a multiple of ten rubles. Then, if you are sure that everything is correct, click "next".
Now the screen should appear a window "payment amount". All the money made will be displayed in it, including the fee, if any. In payment terminals of the savings Bank, signature terminal power supply companies, as well as in terminals Qiwi and CyberPlat, the Commission is absent, in others it is indicated at the bottom of the "payment amount". If the Commission is too big and doesn't suit you then you will learn it before making money and will be able to cancel the operation. If everything is in order, pay bills with bill acceptor, until the figure equal to the previously entered in the selection window, the amount of payment. Then click "pay" and wait for the cheque.
Remember that the deadline of payment through the terminal can be up to three days, so when urgent repayment should call the power company and report the payment amount and transaction number indicated on the receipt.
Useful advice
Keep the receipt together with the receipt as well as the usual receipt from the savings Bank.

Advice 2: How to pay for the electricity by the meter

Energy expenditure to be accounted and paid according to the statutory law of the Russian Federation tariffs. Therefore, each apartment or house has electricity, focusing on the testimony of which the tenants pay for the electricity consumed.
How to pay for the electricity by the meter
You will need
  • counter value;
  • - the electricity tariff;
  • calculator
If your apartment has installed a new electric meter, then his testimony must be represented by zeros. As you use various appliances, the readings of this meter will increase. After months (or such other period specified in your agreement with "Gorenergo"), you must calculate for the consumed electricity.
Look at the display counter. Usually it is represented by several panels, each of which has a place for any digit from 0 to 9. Pay attention only to those indicators that come before the comma. Typically, this is 5 digits (depending on the model of the counter).
Write down the amount you consumed kilowatts and multiply by the cost per kilowatt/hour. As a result, we obtain the amount you need to pay. But that's the case, if you shoot first to read the meter.
During the second and subsequent payments at the counter, first calculate the difference between nagacevski and paid for kilowatt/hours. To do this, subtract from the received indicators the latest figures for the previous period payment , and then multiply the resulting difference by the cost of 1 kilowatt/hour (according to the rate).
If you are paying more for electricityconsumed in the common areas (entrances, corridors and kitchen in a communal apartment) for the same for all tenants the counter, zagorevskii kilowatt/hours in the reporting period, share equally to all tenants, or some other arrangement reside in the premises.
To pay for electricity , please fill in the receipt in the box office of your Department Gorenergo, in the offices of Sberbank of Russia, into a single settlement-cash centre (ERKTS), through the terminals and ATMs, post offices. Try not to disturb the established terms of payment, otherwise, under the law, you will be subject to a fine for each day of delay.
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