You will need
  • The payment terminal;
  • A receipt with the details;
  • Cash.
In order to make a payment, you need to select the desired option on the terminal screen. First, select the item "utility services" or "Utilities" (depends on terminal type), then choose your energy company. For Moscow "Mosenergosbyt" in other parts of your company. If you are not sure what company serves your home, don't worry – its name should be written on the receipt.
Next you need to enter the account number. It is written on the receipt. Be careful not to be mistaken, because the room is long. It is best then to recheck it again to not "give" their money to another person. Then you enter the code RR – it is in the upper right corner of the receipt, which consists of three digits.
After you have entered the account number and sort code RR and clicked "next" on the screen will appear to select payment amount. In this window, enter either the digit indicated on the receipt, or calculated by you based on the counter sum. Remember that, unlike the teller in the savings Bank, the machine does not accept coins and does not give change, so the amount must be a multiple of ten rubles. Then, if you are sure that everything is correct, click "next".
Now the screen should appear a window "payment amount". All the money made will be displayed in it, including the fee, if any. In payment terminals of the savings Bank, signature terminal power supply companies, as well as in terminals Qiwi and CyberPlat, the Commission is absent, in others it is indicated at the bottom of the "payment amount". If the Commission is too big and doesn't suit you then you will learn it before making money and will be able to cancel the operation. If everything is in order, pay bills with bill acceptor, until the figure equal to the previously entered in the selection window, the amount of payment. Then click "pay" and wait for the cheque.