For effective preparation to the state examination in advance, make a study plan and follow it precisely. Best of all, the time remaining until the exam is divided into 2 periods. And every period get to know all of the material, the only difference is that the first time you see all the questions, and the last clip. This will allow you to minimize the burden and distribute it evenly over the entire pre-examination period.
Correct and reasonable allocation of time in the development of the necessary material already sets a certain mood to the whole process of training. Try to keep this pace up until the day of delivery Gosov. Thus, it will give the opportunity to avoid psychological pressure in the last days before exams, and the day before you only need to repeat the most difficult topics and questions.
Don't try to cram complex topics. Information must be meaningful, otherwise any excitement can cause you will not be able to reproduce material that has spent a lot of time and effort. And studied and mastered the issues, even under stress, you can logically build and explain.
Take 15-20 minute breaks between classes. This time will be devoted to active exercise, Jogging or walking. This will help to make the learning process more effective. Keep yourself in a good mood. Pay to sleep in a reasonable amount of time. A proper diet rich in trace elements and vitamins is the key to successful activities of your brain.
Do not get carried away with excessive use of coffee, energy drinks, and even more stimulating medicines. It will not have the desired effect, but on the contrary will increase nervous tension.
Don't waste time on writing instruction. Believe in own forces and knowledge.