Distribute the tickets so that all remaining exam days had the same number. In the last evening leave little time for the repetition of already learned material.
Teach in the morning, a good night's rest the day before. It is best to start preparing for the exam in 7-8 hours. At this time, the head is still clear and pure thoughts. A fresh mind information is remembered much faster and easier, it saves time.
Read and delve into the material. No need to memorize each answer, just carefully read the information and store in its memory the most important points. If something is hard to understand, be sure to disassemble this question, because otherwise you will not be able to answer it even if to memorize it. Any question of the teacher on the topic of serrated, but misunderstood the answer may make your head spin. And carefully dismantled material will allow you to navigate in the subject, to draw Parallels and make their own conclusions.
Repeat examination of the information. Read the answer close the textbook and mentally remember the meaning and key points of the material.
Take breaks in the course of employment. It is very important to give rest your head, otherwise you will not be able to remember the information throughout the day, and your performance will quickly decline. Every hour, rest 10 minutes and every 3 hours to change the activity – take a walk in the fresh air for 20-30 minutes, do some exercise or housework.
At the end of the day tell someone mastered day material. If you are alone, say aloud the answers themselves. This will not only memorize information, but also give your speech extra firmness and confidence. Think, what additional question can ask the teacher at particular moments, and prepare a response.