You will need
  • -passport of all parties involved
  • -documents of title on the part of the house and land
  • -notarized authorization from all co-owners
  • -notarial waiver of all co-owners
  • -information on the statement
  • -notary document on the terms of transaction and on the price of the house
  • -notarized contract of sale
  • -the act of transfer and acceptance
In the same way as the sale of a house, on your part at home you must have a certificate of right to property part house and part of the land under the building and adjacent to the house. If you do not, make.
For the decoration part of the house call the technical officer of BTI. On the basis of inspection of buildings, you will be given a certificate from the technical passport.
For registration of the site, call the land management organization. On the basis of the work you will get the technical documents. These documents register in ROSNEDVIZHIMOSTI. You will be given a cadastral passport for it.
A certificate from the BTI and cadastral passport take in the public registration center. There you will receive the documents on the right to property part of the house and land.
Take a notarized authorization from all co-owners to sell part of the house. The co-owners are those who own along with you sold part ofth house.
Write down all of the houses and take a certificate stating that all the prescribed.
A notary make a document about selling their shares and specify a price at which you sell it.
Imagine this document to all the owners, that is those who are fluent in other parts of the house. They should give a notarized refusal to purchase or buy your part at home on your terms. If they don't want to do neither one nor the other, then after a month you can sell your part of the house by default of co-owners.
To this end, buyers will be left at the notary the contract of purchase and sale and the acceptance report – transfers. All. Your customers can register their property rights.