Advice 1: How to sell joint property

Quite often, the privatization of the apartment is issued as an equity property between family members. So everyone protects their right to reside in the dwelling. In a situation of housing sales such ownership may cause serious difficulties. How to sell an apartment in joint ownership of several persons?
How to sell joint property
You will need
  • - certificate of ownership;
  • - passports of all owners;
  • - the consent of the owners on the sale of housing.
Please specify what type of ownership exists in your apartment - sharing or equity. Joint property means evidence of ownership of the indication of all persons participating in privatization. This form of ownership was characteristic of the privatization in the nineties. Proportion as the property provides a separate certificate from each owner. The owners have the right to dispose of their shares, although in practice this is hardly feasible. Type of ownership of independent features in the design of securities in the transaction.
When preparing documents to sell the apartment to warn about the situation of a realtor. It will make in preparing the contract documents required and can give you helpful tips on how to act.
If you have a joint property in the apartment, prepare on your own or with a realtor package of documents - a certificate of ownership and a contract of sale showing all the property owners.
Before you sell the house, get consent from all owners. If they, too, are interested in selling, you will not have problems. They can either draw on the power of attorney that you represented their interests in the transaction, or they will also have to attend the signing of the contract and other papers at the notary when making the sale.
If other owners do not want to sell the apartment, and you want to implement your share, you first must offer to buy back your share at fair market value. It should be fixed special assessment organization. If they refused to buy their share and you don't want to agree to a sale, you can sue for partition of the apartment. In the case of satisfaction of your claim the court will issue a decree for the sale of the apartment and dividing the money between the owners. However, if the owners of a minor, incapacitated and this is their only shelter, the decision on the division likely will not be submitted.

Advice 2 : How to sell an apartment in common ownership

Selling entire apartment, which is in shared ownership, by the General consent of each holder's share in it seems to be the optimal way of implementing such housing. The object goes at the market price, and the amount of the proceeds the sellers divide among themselves according to the share of each. But this option is possible only in the absence of objections, each of the owners of the property sold.
How to sell an apartment in common ownership
You will need
  • - the consent of all owners for sale;
  • - a set of documents for the sale of the apartment;
  • - the services of realtors or resources to place ads on the sale of real estate;
  • - notary services.
With the consent of all owners to sell the apartment form of ownership does not matter for the buyer. He becomes the owner of the entire apartment, unless you decorate it in a joint equity property with someone myself. But this is only his intention that the price of an object is not affected.
If consent is obtained, the owner is left to negotiate who will make the arrangements: the search for a buyer and others. The technology of this process is no different from selling any other separate apartments.
Except that the documents showing the right of everyone to property and characterizing housing need to gather in one place to be ready to show them to buyers and agents if you have plans to use their services.
When you make a transaction a notary must be present and sign the contract all the owners share the apartment with their passports and legal documents to sell the house.
If someone of the owners of the shares against the sale or sabotaging this process could affect it. The only option is to sell or donate their shares or to buy his share from him. When selling their shares, he has the preferential right to buy them, and you have to make him an offer and within a month to wait for his decision. Then, similar actions will have to take at each price reduction. And the amount that will be able to help out, will be much less than what comparable proportionate share of the owner in the sale of the apartment entirely.
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