You will need
  • - certificate of inheritance;
  • - a document confirming the right of ownership;
  • - written notification to other owners about the sale.
When making a will the property owner to independently and voluntarily distributes it among his heirs. When the property owner died intestate, his estate passes into the common ownership of the heirs according to order of priority. They should exercise their right of inheritance for 6 months, otherwise will be forced to challenge his right of property in a judicial order.
Division of property can be made by agreement of the parties or in court. After partition, the successor is entitled to sell his part of the inheritance or to dispose of them at own discretion. After receiving of property by inheritance, we will issue the first certificate on the inheritance, and then rewrite the inherited property in his name in the Department of the Federal registration service.
If you have any desire to sell his share of the inheritance, you must know that the owner of the second property establishes the right of its pre-emptive. For example, if you and your brother inherited a one-bedroom apartment, the brother has priority right to purchase this apartment.
If you want to sell your share in the inherited property, first, inform the intention of the owner of the second share of the inheritance. And do it in writing, indicating the price and other terms of sale. If he refuses to buy, fixing it in writing, or will not acquire a sold share within one month from the date of receipt of the message on sale, you can sell your share to another person. In case of violation of pre-emptive rights the second owner of common property may for three months to demand in court the transfer to it of the rights and obligations of the buyer.
However, the right to preemptive redemption for indivisible property. If there is technical possibility to allocate a share in nature (for example, to allocate part of the land), the consent of the other owners in the sale not necessary.