Get for processing the transaction in the sale of shares of the refusal of the owners in the pre-emptive right to purchase the share of the land plot. Thereby expanding the list of required documents for registration of the sale in the future.
Specify the shareholder the cost of selling shares. Note that in case of refusal from pre-emptive purchaser (s(-a) plot) of the transaction, the share price can not be changed. In case of violation of these terms and conditions any participant in shared property gets the right within 3 months to claim in court the transfer to it of the rights of the buyer. If the owner is entitled to sell his share, the buyer and the seller conclude the contract of purchase and sale of shares in land held in common ownership, in the same order as in the contract of sale and purchase of land plot.
Prepare to make a sale of share documents. These include: the certificate on the state registration in the share of the land plot and buildings on it (if any), legal documents (purchase and sale, inheritance, donation contract, etc.), an extract from the cadastral passport of the land. After the transaction, the new owner must register it in the registration service. For example, the implementation of the share in the ownership of the land (in the village), when it (the site), there are no properties should be provided at the conclusion of the contract of purchase and sale documents, which define the details of the expropriated plot, namely: cadastral number, category, permitted use, total area, location, in addition to its price and other essential terms that are important to the parties. All real estate investors are in common ownership and have priority right to purchase the shares at this value and under equal conditions, except in the case of implementation of a public auction.