There are 2 options for a peaceful solution, when all owners of privatized apartments have come to a desire to sell it:
- to sell the apartment entirely and distribute the money from the sale equally
one heir buys out the remaining shares of the other heirs and owns real estate at its own discretion.
Often among the heirs of a living space conflicts arise, or reluctance to part with their shares in the apartment. Then the rest of the heirs has no choice as to defend their rights in court or to sell their shares. If you are faced with such a situation and wish to sell a stake in a privatized apartment, you should first offer the other owners to buy it from you. Write a sentence about the sale in writing, specify the price and the size of sold area. Better to send a business letter.
Take advantage of the sale of its shares if within a month (article 250 of the civil code of the Russian Federation), the owners didn't tell you about his consent or refusal to purchase your share.

Now you can sell your shares on the following schemes:

- Make a deed of gift of the whole share. Officially it looks like the transfer of the shares of the apartment as a gift to a third party. In fact is sale. It is important to all legally correct to.

- Make a deed of gift of shares and a contract for the sale of the remaining shares. Convenient to give one meter and the rest you can sell. This option usually occurs with one and the same buyer, that is, he receives a gift of one meter, and then unofficially acquires all the remaining shares.

- Act on the Deposit scheme. You can arrange the loan agreement. That is, the buyer gives you any amount of loan, and you give him to pledge his share in the apartment. All this is recorded, then signed by the home state, the duty of the buyer forgives you and gets legally their share. This technique will most correct but also the most difficult executable, since the practice of registration of the loan agreement with pledge of shares is very small, the lawyers can refuse to conduct such transaction.