You will need
  • Enabling "page layout".
If you find that your editor is not configured layout of pages or not at all, use the tips provided in this article. To activate the "marking page" in a text editor of Microsoft Word since the first version and the upgrade to 2003, inclusive, you must open any document or create a new one. To create a document in MS Word, click menu "File" - "Create".
In most text editors line MS Word "markup page" is activated automatically when you first start. If your editor exception, click menu "View" - "Layout page" or press Alt + D and then Alt + F.
Also this action can be done another way: below the left side of the line, just above the status bar, there are 5 small buttons – one of them (3rd one) will activate the "layout page".
In a text editor MS Word 2007, layout pages" is activated in the following way: in the main window select "View", click on "page layout" (the first icon). To display the Ruler tool, put a check mark opposite the item in the same panel.
To activate this mode in MS Excel, select the item "Show fields" on the View tab. After you activate the "print layout", it will automatically apply to all new documents.