To issue housing subsidy can landlords and tenants under a contract of employment, members of cooperatives, the users of housing. But the subsidy is available only to those who have no debt for utility services and pay for housing. The subsidy can be received and in that case, if a citizen has an agreement with the utilities to repay the debt.
The subsidy is directly transferred to the citizens Bank account. Persons with disability the subsidy can be provided through any organization, such as social center, serving people. In this case these funds may be spent on payment of utilities, and for other purposes. But we should remember that in the event of arrears for a period more than 2 months, grant payments may be suspended.
Calculation of subsidies and their transfer are engaged in specialized centres existing in each district and city. They can find out what income needs to be from the family, to be able to receive subsidies. Each region has different income levels, gives such a right. But the amount of payment for utility services may not exceed 22 percent of the total income of the family. Local authorities can set a lower ratio (10%). For example, in your area set the standard 10%, and the total family income is 25 000 rubles. the Cost of housing services – 5 000 RUB. In this case, 20% of family income goes to utilities, which means you have full right to apply for the subsidy.
The subsidy for housing is calculated by a special formula. It takes into account information about the number of residents, their income, the data about the prescribed norm. In a more simple form of the subsidy can be represented as the difference between allowable expenses of citizens on payment of utilities and result in the payment receipt.
In order to get the subsidy, you need to collect a package of documents:- passports of all family members (under 14 years – birth certificate);
- certificate on family composition;
- the documents confirming the right to use the housing;
- help and income of all family members;
- statements of accounts on payment of municipal services;
- copies of payment receipts;
- Bank account details for Deposit of funds.
It must be remembered that a subsidy is granted for 6 months. After this period the documents must be collected again. Special difficulties in the design of subsidies should arise. Citizens only need to keep copies of receipts for payment of utility bills.