You will need
  • A statement on the granting of subsidies;
  • The document on the right of ownership or tenure;
  • Certificate on family composition;
  • Income of all family members;
  • Documents of the right to benefits;
  • Copies of passports of all family members;
  • Marriage certificate (on termination);
  • Savings book;
  • The receipt on payment of utilities for the last month.
Count the income of all family members. Subtract the income of "natural" benefits. Summarize all costs for utilities.
Compare your income with the cost of housing. If the cost amount exceeds 22% of the total family income then you are eligible for a subsidy.
Gather all the information and copies of documents. Write a statement about housing subsidies in the Department of social protection of population.
To calculate the size of the grant necessary, from the payment for utilities and rent to take away the maximum allowable regional budget payment for housing. The total amount is a subsidy.