You will need
  • - identity documents of all family members;
  • - income of all family members and are registered on the housing;
  • - certificate of employment service (if they are unemployed);
  • help from the BTI on the cubic capacity of the apartment;
  • - information about all registered in the housing;
  • - a certificate from housing Department about the absence of arrears of rent;
  • the last receipt for payment of utility services;
  • - settlement account in the savings Bank of the Russian Federation;
  • - certificate of ownership the apartment.
Payment of subsidies is governed by article 159 of the Housing code of the Russian Federation and Government resolution No. 761 of 14.12.05. To get the state assistance, collect information about income. Will need help not only on the income of working family members, but also pensioners, students, disabled. Because take into account the total income of everyone living in the apartment. If payment for services of housing and communal services exceed 22% of the total income, you will issue the subsidy.
If you or your family members don't work, get help from the employment service that you are registered for unemployment and proof of the amount of social benefits on unemployment.
The payment of the costs are guaranteed only for the cubic capacity, which is put on one person according to social norms. In different regions of their rules. And the costs will be made only on the basis of payment for the put housing. All amounts in excess of these standards, included neither in the calculation of costs, nor in the provision of social assistance. That is, the extra living space you will pay for it 100%.
The subsidy you provide at 6 months. This amount will be monthly transferred to your Bank account in savings Bank of the Russian Federation. Every six months have to submit new documents to confirm their right to social assistance.
In addition to certificates of income, you must submit the identity documents of all family members, birth certificate for children. As well as a list of all registered on the housing ownership certificate for the apartment, help from the housing Department stating that the service utilities not available debt, the receipt for the last month to pay for public services, certificate of BTI on the category of housing.
After filing a social security you will receive a response within one to two weeks in each region the processing time may be different, the amount allocated to the grant or refusal to provide social support.