Before you apply for a grant decide whether you can use it to improve housing conditions. The subsidy is issued in the form of the certificate and is valid for 12 months from the date of registration. The decision of the court can be a time to prolong its action when preparing a property transaction is documented at companies house.
For the registration grants, please contact your place of registration in need of better housing conditions – the Housing Department of the district administration of Saint-Petersburg.
Contact the Housing Department for the subsidy, take the certificate of registration and a certificate of the estimated amount of the subsidy. Latest help assure the head of Department.
Verify if you are eligible for an emergency grant. This includes the following groups of people: large families with three or more children if the children live with their parents, the age of one of spouses should not exceed 30 years; rehabilitated persons and victims of political repression. These citizens are provided with grant subsidy of 20% to 35% of the cost of housing at the expense of budget funds of St. Petersburg.
Wait queue for receiving a subsidy, if you belong to another social group. There are several: the military, Chernobyl victims or victims of other natural disasters, young families, the rescue workers, the tax police and the interior Ministry.
Mandatory condition for obtaining the subsidy check will be in St.Petersburg for at least 10 years and registration in need of better housing conditions.
If you do not stand in the queue, but we have all grounds for registration, collect your supporting documents. The area of your home must be less than the social norms, depending on the region of residence. In Saint-Petersburg fixed rate of 15 metres per person.