For obtaining the subsidy for housing need to collect the documents and submit them to the local authority at the place of permanent residence. The list of documents learn on the official website or directly from the lawyer administration. The information contained in the submitted documents are verified by the local authorities within 10 days from the date of filing the decision, which the applicant shall be notified in writing. In the case of a negative decision grounds for refusal listed. You can re-apply for registration of subsidies, after the elimination of grounds for refusal.
To receive subsidies for payment of premises and utilities, the application with the required documents to the state establishment "the Department of social protection of the population" at the place of permanent residence. The subsidy is regulated by the Housing code and depends on family income, in the first place. The grant is issued for six months, then it should be reissued, Reaffirming its right to subsidies.
To receive the state subsidies for the unemployed to establish their own business in the first place, you must be unemployed. On this basis, to register with the employment Center at the place of residence. To provide a viable business plan, after that is granted a hearing with the Commission. In case of positive decision, sign a contract with the employment Center on the target for the grant, then the account is transferred to the subsidy. For the money you will need to report.