You will need
  • computer, Internet, printer, A4 paper, pen, information about the employee's salary for six months, employee documents, company documents, calculator, seal of the organization
In the form of the reference 2-pit, which can be downloaded here accountant of the enterprise assigns a document number and date of filling of reference, specifies the number of the tax which the entity is registered. Employee accounts enter taxpayer identification number and code of statement on accounting in tax authority of the organisation issuing the certificate to receive subsidies. Makes the full name of the company in accordance with its constituent documents, if the firm refers to such legal forms as LLC, JSC, CJSC, etc., surname, name, patronymic of an individual entrepreneur in accordance with the identity document, if the firm is registered as an individual entrepreneur. Code is populated in the "Russian classification of objects of administrative-territorial division" and the contact phone number of the accounting Department of the enterprise.
The accountant enters the taxpayer's identification number, surname, name, patronymic of the worker, who fills in the certificate form 2-pit. In the appropriate boxes necessary to make requisite document proving the identity of the employee (a series, number, when and by whom the document was issued), and the address of his place of residence (zip code, region, city, settlement, street, house number, buildings, apartments).
In the corresponding table of the revenue accountant must be paid the salaries of the employee for each month. Usually the employee's income subject to tax rate of 13%. For obtaining the subsidy for housing, the employee must submit a certificate of his income in six months. Therefore, the accountant indicates the income of his income over the past six months, entering month number, revenue code, amount of income, deduction code and deduction amount in the designated columns of the table.
The accountant calculates the total amount of the employee's income for the tax period, in our case for six months, calculate the tax base on which tax is charged, the amount of tax withheld, calculated, paid, overpaid and not withheld by the business.
Help 2-NDFL it is necessary to send the signature of the Director and chief accountant, and then to assure it's seal.