You will need
  • - passport;
  • - registration certificate for the car;
  • - the insurance policy;
  • - money for the payment of state fees;
  • machine for presentation to the inspection.
When will know the date of the purchase (often in the showrooms are out of stock of car desired model or color, you have to wait some time), you can contact your MREO of traffic police by phone or register online using the form on the website of the regional Department of traffic police at any time, provided that it is free.
Application form for registration can be downloaded from the website of the traffic police of the MIA of the Russian Federation or its regional Department of the Ministry, the portal of state Services.<url>" or get in MREO.
To save time and paper you can (subject to registration on the portal) to complete and submit forms online using easy-to-use interface.
On the appointed day you have to drive the car to the site for inspection ired to report for admission to the agreed time with the documents.
It's your passport or other equivalent document, for example, the ID of the soldier, the title to the car and the documents, certifying the right of ownership to it (the papers from the dealership confirming the purchase).
You will also need to pay registration fee: for issuance of a certificate of registration of the vehicle, the amendment of the previously issued registration certificate and issuing license plates. The actual amount of the state taxes you can visit the website of the traffic police, its regional offices in their subject of the Federation or the state services portal and payment details visit the website of the regional Department of traffic police, to the registration authority or the savings Bank.
Mandatory submission the insurance policy on the car you can place in the cabin when buying or contacting directly to the insurance company.
If the car was issued a transit hotel, do not forget to take with you.
After the adoption of the documents no later than three hours, employees of the DMV should begin the inspection of your car. It will check for integrity of the major components and the presence of all that is provided by the rules of the road.
The procedure can take up to three hours, after its completion, if everything is in order, they should give you numbers and certificate of registration.