You will need
  • - passport;
  • - the statement;
  • receipt about payment of state duty and all charges;
  • - the insurance policy;
  • - PTS.
If you have temporary registration, you have the right to put the vehicle on the registration records at the place of temporary residence. The car account will be made on the basis of the documents presented.
You'll need your passport, proof of temporary registrationif the passport does not of the Federal migration service, passport, vehicle, insurance policy with not expired period of insurance, registration plates, if any, documents of title to a motor vehicle. For legal documents include: the contract of sale, gift contract, certificate of inheritance.
You need to fill in an application form a standardized form, which will be given at the place of vehicle registration records, to pay all fees and state duty, envisaged in the statement on the accounting of vehicles. Also submit a document on customs control, if you bought, brought or drove a car from abroad the Russian Federation.
Your car will be examined by the inspector of traffic police will check on the numbers indicated in PTS with actual numbers of the engine, check all the submitted documents and inspect vehicle by a common computer database.
Within one day you will get temporary license plates, which differ from the regular marks by color. They are yellow – this means that the vehicle is at a temporary accounte at the place of temporary registration owner.
If you are removed from the temporary registration in connection with the departure, then remove the car from the registration accountand and get the transit numbers, which you can get to your permanent place of residence.
If you stay at the place of temporary residence and issued a permanent registration, see the statement in the traffic police to replace the license plates on the fixed and for the entry of data into the database on the permanent registration recordse vehicles.