You will need
  • - identity card (passport);
  • - technical passport of the car;
  • - policy state insurance (OSAGO);
  • - money for the payment of state fees;
  • - the vehicle for presentation to the examination in the traffic police.
Ask the dealership Manager on the date of delivery of the vehicle. Adding details, please call or contact via the website with the management of local traffic police to coordinate the day and exact time the vehicle is registered.
Take care of filling out the application for registration. You can fill the document in the DMV, but it is better to use Internet services and to download an application form to fill from the site of traffic police of the interior Ministry. Not only download, but also to quickly fill out a current application form on the Internet portal "public
For registration of the vehicle at the appointed time come to the site for inspection, MREO. Don't forget to bring all necessary documents. Also, if possible, make copies of documents in advance.
Pay the statutory fee for the issuance of license plates, changing information in previously issued registration certificate and the issuance of the certificate of registration of the vehicle. Specify the amount of money that you will need to pay fees. Current information on fees can be found on the website of the traffic police. Please note that payment can be made in the savings Bank and payment terminals, which are placed in building MREO. When you make money through the payment terminal, try to prepare exact change.
When registering a vehicle and present your insurance policy. The dealers offer to issue the policy simultaneously with the purchase of the machine . It is convenient, although not always beneficial. If there is a trusted insurer, you can arrange a car from him.
Bring the car to inspection by the inspector. Pay attention to the readability of numbers engine and body. After completion of the examination rooms will receive a certificate of registration of the vehicle.