For setting the machine on the account, contact the traffic police Department of the district or city in which you reside (are registered). You will need to submit the necessary documents. If you got the car new, the dealership will give you PTS and a few photocopies of the contract of sale under a power of attorney sales Manager, a photocopy of this power of attorney. Take out insurance and fill in the missing data after setting the machine on the account.

If the car with mileage, you must have a contract of sale with the former owner or a General power of attorney. In this case, you must first remove the machine from the register and to transit facilities. To remove from the register and put on record the machine can be either the owner of the car in the title, or his representative, a valid notarized power of attorney.

To the above-mentioned documents present a passport and a paid receipt of the registration fee. Complete the application form issued for the vehicle. These documents take a turn for inspection to the inspector. The inspector will look at the chassis number and engine number are not looking). The VIN can be in the hood, in the trunk, near the passenger seat. In advance, find a room and clean it from dirt.

Once the inspector viewed the room and signed your statement, give the documents to the office of the Registrar m/s and wait. During this time, your machine will check the database of stolen vehicles, enter the new owner title and make a new certificate of registration. At the specified time, you need to come to the Department and to obtain new documents for the car and new plates.

Immediately screw the numbers on the car. The insurance fill in the missing information – registration number of t/s.

For a new car to inspection on the day of registration. To do this, pay the state fee and submit the registration documents. You will be given a pass inspection without inspection of the machine itself. But if you come in another day, even a new car will have to show the inspector to obtain the coupon.