You will need
  • - the statement;
  • - documents for registration of the new car and for removing registration of an old car.
If you bought a new car and want to transfer the old license plates, contact the chief of police with a statement. The statement include: "Please keep for me the old car numbers and register the new vehicle with the same license plates".
Issuing state registration numbers are regulated by the MIA order No. 59 from 27 January 2003. When applying, you need to remove from the old car number plates and show them to the police.
To retain state registration number plates you will be able only in case if they are in perfect condition and correspond to GOST № 50577-02. Do not forget that the law does not oblige employees of traffic police leave the owner stateroom, but you can leave them if your application will put its resolution, the chief of traffic police, the number plate is not dented, the paint is not faded.
If you were allowed to leave the state registration numbers and transfer them to your new car, you must remove the old car from the register, register the new car and to their rooms after registration. License plates will be stored in the traffic police within 30 days.
To remove the old car from the register and put a new car on registration, you must submit to the police statement, identity document, insurance policy, driver's license, vehicle registration certificate, registration certificate. Both cars - both old and new - should be inspected by an authorized inspector of traffic police, so you need to drive to police two cars.
On the basis of submitted documents your old car will be removed from the register and the new register, after which you will receive your license plates.
If the old number plates do not correspond to the GOST, then, unfortunately, transfer them to the new car you will not succeed. When you register you will receive new license plates.