How to put the car on the account

The process of registration of the vehicle involves the following steps:

- before the registration of a car it is recommended to check the database of traffic police have previously issued and unpaid fines to avoid possible trouble in the form of additional costs and time;

- payment of state fees for issuance of a certificate of registration, the issuance of license plates and making changes to TCP. The fees should be specified on the main website of traffic police or in the office, as their terms may change;

- prepare documents for setting the auto accounting;

- delivery of cars to the observation deck on the day of registration for its examination;

- inspection of the vehicle, subject to registration by the police, and in the absence of claims and complaints, his signature on the application form.

After that, the owner of the car issued license plates and the car is registered in the database of traffic police.

Documents for setting vehicle registration

To put the car on the account, you need to prepare the following documents:

- application of the approved standard form, valid in the entire territory of the Russian Federation, in one instance. In the case of the registration certificate of the vehicle in the hands of the applicant all data in the form entered in full. If PTS (the passport should back the purchase), then some requests will have to fill in directly in the office of the traffic police;

- a document establishing identity (passport);

- documentary confirmation of the right of ownership of the vehicle in the form of a contract of purchase and sale, payment document, or the document confirming the donation of the vehicle;

- original and copy of registration certificate on the car;

- statement of vehicle registration requires the registration of the contract of insurance and inclusion in the package of documents confirming policy;

- in the case of transit plates, you must provide them too;

- receipt or a customs cargo Declaration certifying official delivery of the car;

three receipts confirming payment of the state fee in the amount prescribed by law.

The presence of all properly executed documents and the required copies will greatly facilitate the work of traffic police and reduce the time of registration of the vehicle.

To check the traffic police inspector with the auto setting on the account

To ensure compliance with the legislation of the Russian Federation rules for safe operation of the vehicle to an inspector conducts an appropriate inspection of the car, which reveals:

- according to the degree of tinting of the front side and windshield, headlamps the established norms;

- coincidence or difference of body numbers from the data specified in the documents;

- the lack of gas equipment, not documented;

- the compliance steering factory settings;

- matching bumpers, front and rear headlights similar to the original models of cars.

If the vehicle meets the required technical parameters, the inspections will take the least time, followed by the formulation of the vehicle registration. Otherwise, the violations to be corrected with the re-passage inspection.