Legal support of purchase of the car

Who wants to buy a car first we need to understand the rules of registration of ownership of the car. Competent legal advice is the most important factor when purchasing a vehicle. If buying a car is in the showroom, many difficulties can be avoided, as the decoration of the accompanying documentation, will be engaged sales consultants showroom.

How to implement styling in the property?

There are two ways of registration of the vehicle in the property:

- the contract of sale is concluded in the presence of a notary;
- the contract of sale is between the seller and the buyer alone.

In the first case, two parties to a contract of sale in the presence of a third person, namely the notary. After the transaction, the first party enters into the rights of ownership of the car, the buyer is required only to renew the car on itself in the traffic police.

It should be noted that the cost of the notary is not fixed. It depends on the individual specialist and the place of registration of the contract of purchase of the car. The average price for notary services is 1000 rubles.

The transaction between the seller and the buyer can issue a third party that has a special permit. The firm-intermediary will prepare the contract of sale machine in triplicate. Two of the original given to the buyer and the seller, and the third copy remains in the traffic police.

It should also be noted that the late registration of the vehicle owner faces heavy fines. Within ten days after registration of the contract of purchase and sale the car needs to be put on the account in bodies of registration.

Documentation required for car registration in traffic police

The traffic police in the car statement on the account will require the following documents:

- a contract of sale or other document confirming the right of ownership of the vehicle;
- statement on car statement on the account;
- passport of the owner;
- passport of the vehicle;
- the receipt on state duty payment;
- insurance coverage.

In the implementation of registration, not the owner of the vehicle, and the Trustee, will require a power of attorney which clearly describes the rights of a representative.

License plates can be left from the old owner, if you want you can get a new one. When you receive a new registration number old signs will be taken by the traffic police, and the new owner will have to pay extra for all the stamp duty costs for new rooms (it is around 3000 rubles).

Ideally, the vehicle registration procedure in the property takes an hour and a half. All personal documents must be in good condition. After registration you should carefully check all documents for correctness of the data.