To enroll in the queue for statement on accounting of a car you can through the Internet on the official website of traffic police GUVD for the city of Moscow or on the portal of state services "state Services.<url>. You can choose a date and convenient time from the options provided.There is also an option for completing the application for registration of the machine online and available for download the application form and receipt for payment of required state fees. It is a duty for issuance of a certificate of registration of the vehicle, the license plates, if necessary, amending a previously issued technical certificate.
Prepare the necessary documents: your passport, registration certificate for car, proof of your right to ownership (contract of sale, invoice from the dealership, the customs Declaration or customs certificate), insurance policy (it can be purchased at the dealership or any insurance company), transit numbers, if you have them (in this case, you should be able to register the car before the end of their validity period). If you register someone else's car, you will need the authorization from his master.
At the appointed time we will bring the car fully loaded to the site for inspection and hand to the police all the necessary documents and receipt of payment of state duties.
The waiting period start the registration process should not exceed three hours, the same maximum time the law allows the provision of services. But if you need additional verification, it can take up to 30 days.
Upon completion of all necessary actions you will be issued a certificate of state registration of the car and the room.