The origin of bumps on the human body may be different, depending on the nature of the disease. They often form after trauma or injuries. Also the reasons for the formation of bumps on the body include: inflamed lymph nodes; infection; insect bites; acne; swelling, folliculitis; allergic reaction; skin cancer; warts.
The bumps can appear on various parts of the body. Upon detection of such seals it is necessary to consult a doctor, as the true cause of their appearance will be able to diagnose and only an experienced specialist. To first treatment make an appointment with the therapist. If necessary, he will give direction not only for tests but also for examination by other specialists. After the diagnosis is made, you will prescribe the appropriate treatment.
Very often the lumps resolve themselves without any intervention from the outside, but some diseases require the consultation of an experienced physician and competent treatment. For starters the specialist will determine the cause of the appearance of these seals. The options can be quite a lot.
If the bumps are a result of infections, it is likely that a doctor will prescribed antibiotics and medicine against the fungus, as it is very important to stop the spread of infection and prevent the formation of scars.
In the event that the seal is the result of the formation of the cyst, the doctors may not be required. In most cases they are of themselves. However, in the case of the appearance of the inflammatory process come to the aid of cortisone injections. If treatment fails and bumps can persist, you should immediately consult a doctor if you experience these symptoms, you may have to resort to surgery.
Surgery is the only way out of the situation when the lumps are lipomas. They are removed in the case when they deliver the actual discomfort or if they are a cosmetic imperfection of the skin.
When a lump is cancer, then it is removed together with the surrounding tissues. Warts can also called a lump, and they are removed according to the testimony of either drug method (the result is not instantaneous, but gradual), or by using a laser.
If the bumps on the body appeared as a result of trauma or injury, in order to avoid swelling, you should first apply cold, continue to apply the cream or ointment to speed up healing (there are many absorbable gels and ointments, which are effective for bruises).
Another option for the appearance of seals are insect bites. In this case, it should be applied on the skin, scaring them. If you are bitten, the bites must be treated with special solution "Fukortsin", the solution of Brilliant green alcohol and other.
If the bumps appear in the genital area, it is very important to be tested for the detection of sexually transmitted infections. In the treatment of herpetic infection as a treatment is to use the "acyclovir" or "valacyclovir". When warts apply chemical drugs or removed surgically.