Advice 1: How to unlock the phone keys

While in the pocket, a cell phone may behave unpredictable: random calls, access to the Internet. Of course, all this is reflected in the balance. To avoid such incidents on mobile devices has been implemented the ability to lock the phone.
Lock phone keyboard. To lock the buttons on the phone, for a few seconds hold down the "*". Also, some models of phones include the ability to automatically lock the keypad if the device is idle for a certain time. To activate automatic key lock you need to go into the settings of the phone. If it supports such option, you can set the time after which the keypad will be locked (5, 10 or 15 seconds of inactivity). Models such devices as the sliders can be configured so that the keyboard will be locked automatically when you close the top bar of the phone – similar function can also be activated in the settings.
Unlocking the phone keypad. Most models of cell phones mean removing the unit from the keyboard in the following way: some time you hold down the asterisk, and then press OK. If we talk about the slider, the keypad in the same manner. You can also set your phone to the withdrawal of the pad when you open the slider. The relevant parameters you can specify in the settings of the mobile device.

Advice 2: How to unlock nokia

To unlock the phone and restore the default settings of a variety of ways. But they will be useless if the phone is "grey". Check out this easy. It is enough to compare the IMEI codes- the stated and the real.
How to unlock nokia
You will need
  • - Program code generation
Take advantage of the program generate codes to unlock this phone by IMEI code. The generated code instead of enter unlock lost security code or lock code.
If she hadn't helped you resolve the problem, then check that the IMEI codes – the stated and the real. Enter the combination *#06#. After that the screen shows pyatnadtsatiznachny number. Checking it, pay attention to the 7th and 8th numbers. 02 and 20 means that Nokia has arrived from the United Arab Emirates, 13 – from Azerbaijan, therefore, is of poor quality. 08 and 80 points to German origin, 00 – for the original model.
To perform an in-depth update to restore factory settings, dial *#7370#. After that restore time, language and other personal settings.
"Soft" formatting complete by keying in *#7780# and entering the code 0102030405.
The master code will be useless in those situations when the phone is "grey" when the machine does not support entry of codes in the program algorithm when the number of entering wrong code more than 5 times.
Useful advice
Codes unlock operator you can find here -

To avoid loss of information when there is a deep upgrade of the device, it is advisable to make BackUp to the SD card of the phone. Then enter the standard unlock code 12345 or 0102030405.
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