The password to access the phone securely locks the access to the personal information of the owner stored in the device. To disable it go to settings security and select the key responsible for the lock cell. Enter the password and disable this option. In case, if you don't know the password, proceed to the next step.
On the website you can find contact round the clock technical support Nokia Care. This service is designed to help the owners of mobile phones Nokia" in case they experience any difficulties when using cell phones. Contact found contacts, providing an IMEI cell number. Request code for reset of the firmware and code reset. Applying the resetting code of the firmware, you completely clean the phone memory and return it to factory condition using the same code reset, you only reset the changes in the options that were produced. The IMEI number of the phone you can find out by entering the combination *#06# on the phone keypad.
If you need to disable the password for access to SIM card, go to the security settings of your phone and turn off this option by entering the pin code shown on the box from the SIM card. Keep in mind that from now on, your SIM card is not protected in the event of loss or theft of the device. If you don't know the pin code, turn it off and enter any combination of numbers three times to activate the possibility of including a Pak code, which is also the packaging from the SIM. In the absence of the possibility of introducing a Pak code to edit contact representation of your operator for a new SIM card to replace the old one. You will retain your phone number, but all the contacts and messages stored on the old SIM card will be lost. Inserting a new SIM card, disable the pin code security settings.