Blocking cell phone operator is designed to prepjatstvovanie in a network different from the source. Most often it is possible to encounter when buying a phone abroad. In this case, you will need to contact the operator, under which was implemented the blockage. Provide the IMEI number of the phone, and your data that was provided to you when purchasing a mobile phone. If you bought the phone with that, then you will need to contact the original owner to get this information. Request code unlock. Enter it when you turn on the phone with the "foreign" SIM card, so unlocking your mobile.
The second kind of lock which you may face is directly blocking the phone. In the mobile company "Nokia" provides protection in case of loss or theft of the phone is a security codethat you must enter when you turn on the phone. To reset it you'll need code reset the firmware or code of the reset. Of course, you can use the codes, which is in the public domain in the network, but the most reliable option would be to request from official company representative in your city or by contacting via the contacts available on the website Provide the IMEI number of the phone and its serial number, and then request the above codes.
Lock SIM card is used to protect such personal data of the subscriber, his mobile number, the notebook and message contained in the memory of the SIM card. When you turn on the phone requested the pincode. If you forgot your pincode and entered it incorrectly more than three times, you can reset it using the Pakcodeand placed on a plastic box from SIM card. If this option is not possible, you will need to contact your mobile operator to replace your SIM card. Provide passport details, then you will be given a new SIM card without changing your phone number.