First and foremost, contact the office of the company Nokia in order to get codes reset firmware password reset for your phone model. On the Internet there are many different options for codes, but no one will take responsibility if your phone will spoil as a result of Navarro entered code. In order to avoid this, request an official letter from the representative of the company.
If you need to unlock the codeand data is not received, re-flash the phone. In this case, all data will be lost, so use this method only when very tired to wait answer from the company Nokia. In order to reflash the phone, you will need to synchronize it with your PC and reflash using special software.
If the step number two is difficult for you, or you have neither the time nor the desire to do it, contact the service center of Nokia. Regardless, safeguards your phone or not, you can help with unlocking and flashing. Don't forget to tell the consultants exactly what you want to do is to reset the firmware or just reset the security code.