Phone lock is used to protect private files - photos, videos, notebooks, messages, and audio recordings. When the lock is enabled, you must enter a password. In case you don't know or forgot, you'll need to reset the security settings. Contact the manufacturer of your phone, using the contact details from the website Provide the phone's IMEI number to get the code reset security code or reset the firmware. Enter one of them and perform a factory reset. If the operation suffered a failure, re-flash the phone.
To update microprogram responsible for the operation of your phone, you will need to sync your phone with your computer. Use data cable and software CD that are included in the phone. Otherwise you can download software from website and data cable, buy in any shop of cellular communication. Install the software, then connect the data cable. For correct operation it is necessary the sequence. Re-flash the phone using firmware and software that you can download on sites and Proceed to this operation only in the presence of the instruction to your software and when fully charged the phone. Do not use the mobile or disconnect it to complete the firmware update - this may cause permanent damage to the device.
If your phone was purchased overseas and locked to a certain network, when you enable the SIM card of another operator is prompted for the unlock code. You can get it by contacting your network operator to which is attached a mobile phone. If get the code fails, use step 2 to update the firmware.
If you forget the pin code, you can find it on the packaging from the SIM card. If you have already entered it three times incorrectly, to unlock you will need a PAC code. Otherwise, contact the office of the operator with whom you have contracted. Provide passport data, confirming his ownership of the SIM card and request its replacement.