You will need
  • - Computer
  • - connect to the Internet
  • USB cable for phone
  • phone
Reflash the phone. Often not need the services of a specialized service center or expensive equipment, all you need is a USB connection from the phone to the computer and installed the driver for the phone.After that, download the firmware from one of the sites on which they posted in the free download, erase the old firmware and install a new one. This recipe will suit you in case you forgot the pin, and in that case, if you phone is blocked by operator.
Contact your operator for the unlock code. Some cell phone operators provide such codes, especially reflash the phone is not worth any work. As a result, they do not want to create the impression of a high level of responsibility for choosing their company and provide on request the unblocking codes. To do this, simply request a code and to provide data confirming the fact of your possession of the phone. In case you forgot the pin code from your phone, ask the manufacturer code reset the phone firmware. In this case, all information is erased, and you have in your hand – absolutely new and absolutely clean from any phone information.
Use the Internet to find services that provide services to provide the unlock code – both the paid and free basis. Also, on the Internet you can find the codes and reset the firmware.
Separately allocated to the software used to unlock phones in case of forgotten pin – finding them is easy, and the unlock process usually takes place after you select phone model and a mouse-click