First you need your code reset code or reset the firmware. You can get them by contacting the service center "Nokia". You can reach him using the contact information located on the website You will need the IMEI number located behind the back cover under the battery. You can also use a search engine to find codes that are freely available. Keep in mind that using some codes can cause the loss of data stored on the cell phone, so use only those that came from reliable sources.
If your attempt failed, reflash the phone. To do this you need to sync your phone with your computer. Download driver and software from website selecting your phone model from the list. If the data cable required for reprogramming, not included in the package, buy it in the store provider. Connect your phone and make sure that the software "sees" the phone.
To reflash the phone, you'll need the factory firmware is responsible for the functioning of the phone and software to carry out this operation. Use fan sites of the company "Nokia" as With their help, you can find not only necessary, but also detailed instructions for your phone model. The best option would be to use a factory firmware that does not contain signs of tampering. Make sure the phone battery is fully charged, otherwise your mobile may be switched off in the middle of surgery. Copy personal files from your phone to your computer, then update the software of your phone. Upon completion of the operation, copy the data back to the mobile.