Blocking cell phone designed to store the security data in the memory cell in the case of loss or theft of the phone. The best option would be to use a code reset code or reset the firmware. You can easily find these codes online, but the best option would be to request them from the manufacturer on the contacts located on the website by providing the IMEI number.
You can also encounter such type of protection as locking your phone operator. In this case, the phone is locked for one provider of cellular services. When you try to turn the phone on with SIM-card of another operator, you are prompted to enter the unlock code. In this case, you must contact the office of the operator, which is locked to your cell phone. Go to its official site, then contact with the help hotline, writing a letter or visiting predstavitelstvo. Provide the IMEI number of the phone, as well as additional data that may be requested, and then you will get the unlock code.
Lock SIM card is used to ensure maximum security of personal data of the subscriber, such as telephone number, phone book and messages. If you block your pin code, you cannot use a SIM card, and after three neverovo input the SIM card is blocked. To unlock it you can only use the PAC code, which you can find on the package of SIM card. If the introduction of the Pak code is not possible, contact the representative office of your mobile operator to get new SIM card. In this case your personal data will be lost, but you will save your phone number.