When writing a message or other data with the touch of a phone keypad, slide it the buttons on the right or left side. If the input mode was changed to Qwerty, try to open a context menu entry and find the setting that is associated with your default keyboard. Also this option in some phones is configured in the General properties of a mobile phone or the themes of its design.
If the documentation of your mobile phone there are indications of the presence of Qwerty keyboard and it is not included when you carry out the necessary action prescribed in the manual, contact the service center for repair.
Also you can try to run the firmware upgrade at home using a special cable or flash card. Better just use a stock firmware for your model.
In case if your mobile phone is not available Qwerty keyboard, install it as a separate item. This method is relevant only for owners of smartphones.
Download the keyboard for your mobile device, check the downloaded file for viruses. After that, copy the installer to the memory module of the phone. Start the installation from the file Manager.
Please note that you are installing keyboard in the form of an app should not require access to the Internet, send calls or SMS messages; rather, the software is malicious.
When correctly installed, launch the keyboard from the list of installed applications, take it and go to text input in the browser, editor, SMS messages and so on. Run the keyboard from the minimized applications and use it to write your text.