Nasty breakage

The most common problems that occur during the operation of refrigerators, unexpectedly low temperature. However, the regulator can stand on the low, but despite this the back wall is covered with ice or snow, and the products are transformed into blocks of colored ice. For such phenomena there are several possible causes.

First - your refrigerator has a broken thermostat. It is the main component of any refrigerator is a device with relay device which is responsible for maintaining a constant temperature, it prevents the snow on the walls. If the relay of the thermostat broken, the regulator works in a timely manner, significantly lowering the temperature. Relays can fail due to mechanical damage or banal moisture in the electrical connections of the thermostat. Professional repair usually check the condition of the thermostat, changing its parts or the device as a whole.

The second reason is refrigerant leakage. The main cooling component of the refrigerator with freon. This gas can evaporate because of the appearance of microcracks in the cooling circuit. This can lead to the fact that the refrigerator will be much to freeze and drop off. Specialists will determine the place of leak of freon, replace or thepaut equipment.
If your refrigerator shows from a complex of faults, rather "flew" electronic control unit. In this case, you should immediately call the service center.

The third option - a clogged capillary tube which contains refrigerant. These pipes periodically become clogged, which significantly reduces operating temperature. To resolve this issue, repairmen special equipment clean a clogged pipe, if necessary, conducting welding and gas activities.

Mode superzamorozki

Mode superzamorozki can lead to unpleasant consequences. In this case, it is sufficient to check the settings of your refrigerator and set it in the storage mode of products, turning off the function superzamorozki.
If your refrigerator is much buzz, it means it is installed unevenly. Try to change its position, it can reduce the noise level.

In General, if your refrigerator is working satisfactorily, keeping the temperature at a given level, but at the back there is always a layer of ice or snow, it means that the sealing Assembly. Most likely, the torn rubber gaskets around the perimeter of the door. You can try to seal the gap on their own, but it is better to call the master, which will replace such tires with new, much safer.