In order to refill a refrigerator freon, take the manifold with two pressure gauges are blue and red, two valves and three hoses. Now close both valves of the gauge manifold and connect the blue hose from the surge drum gas tube of the compressor, and the yellow to the tank of freon.
If necessary, measure the pressure on the discharge line, solder to it the surge drum and attach the red hose. Now open the blue manifold valve, and then carefully and slowly turn the cylinder valve with freon and now fill the compressor before the pressure reaches 0.4-0.5 atmospheres.
Next, close the valves, run the compressor for literally half a minute, and then turn off. Now, instead of the cylinder with freon will connect to the yellow hose of the vacuum pump, start to open the blue valve, turn on the pump for about 10 minutes, then close valve and switch off pump.
The yellow hose disconnect from the pump and reconnect to the container with freon. First you need to make it so that the freon just replaced the air hose, but has not got to the compressor, to do this, open the valve very slightly and very slowly. Now screw the yellow hose, and open the blue valve, fill the compressor with refrigerant.
After that, start the compressor and observe the pressure level, if everything is in order, the tube connected to the hose you need to pinch. In conclusion, Unscrew the hoses and sealed the tube.