A common phenomenon – a brand new refrigerator delivered to the owner, unpacked, and on its surface there is a scratch. You can withdraw from the purchase, requiring replacement of the device. However, skillful hands nothing is impossible – like scratches are easily hidden, completely restoring the original appearance of the refrigerator.

Filling defects

To remove large scratches on the surface of the painted fridge, you should take the sandpaper and use it to thoroughly clean the defective surface. After that, the treated area will be overwritten with gasoline, and then shpaklyuyut. Waiting for the drying of the coating, it is necessary again all very carefully sanding and then brush to apply paint.

In addition enamel is acceptable to use acrylic paints, which dry much quicker, and also lack of smell. However, in this case, it should be remembered that this coating is less resistant. Subsequent cleanings will take care not to erase it.

When the scratch is small, you should try other options to resolve it. Minor scratches, perfect to disguise a special marker intended to mask scratches that appear sometimes on the car body. First it is necessary to shake thoroughly and then draw scratches. Because it is decent, buy it makes sense in the presence of a significant number of existing units is scratching.

Much cheaper to paint the scratches using a nail varnish. You want to buy white color and carefully walk the brush along the scratch. Should not be applied at the same time a lot of varnish, it is more practical to carry a thin line, so that after it dries, if necessary, apply another layer.

The simplest of actions

When special tools are not available, you can apply a regular proofreader, who corrects errors in typewritten text. With it is possible to hide small scratches. However, it is understood that in the process of thorough cleaning will require enough to wash the similarly shaded places. Although updating them regularly is absolutely not difficult .

Well, if there is no desire to mess around with paint, you can just hang a magnet, hiding the defect. This is the most affordable option. Souvenir magnets are great hide dents, resulting in transportation of the refrigerator.