If your refrigerator shows no signs of life, you should start with checking the condition of electrical wiring. Open the door of the fridge: if this light flashes, wiring is OK. Otherwise you should check the plug and socket. It is also possible that it's the bulb that simply burnt out.
Convinced of serviceability of electric plugs and sockets make sure the wires are connected with the conclusions of the relay. Remove the relay (it is located on the casing of the compressor, and then install it again. Check for loose contact in the wires to appropriate relay.
Check for a faulty thermostat. For this purpose it is necessary several times to turn on and off. If there is no distinctive click, the thermostat must be replaced.
Often when you start the unit you can hear the sound. It can occur during strong shaking of the casing of the compressor. Then it is necessary to adjust the mounting bolts on the suspension springs. Another cause of knock – loosen the screws that fasten the condenser. Tighten the screws.
The tightness of the door is determined by the rapid freezing of the evaporator. The lack of tightness may indicate frequent switching of the refrigerator. To eliminate such a malfunction, adjust hinged door system.
One possible reason for the poor performance of the refrigerator may serve as the voltage drop in an electrical network. In this case, you will need a suitable voltage regulator.
If all your efforts have not led to the recovery of the refrigerator, you will have to seek the assistance of a qualified professional. It is advisable to use the services of a specialist workshop.
Small external damage to the refrigerator you can correct yourself. For example, small scratches on its surface can be shaded enamel of the corresponding color. If scratches are so deep that they are visible through the metal, should clean up the damaged area with sandpaper, treated with gasoline, apply the primer mixture. After drying, again abrade the surface with sandpaper and use enamel.