Remove the compressor from the fridge. For this you may need to break the attachment. Then cut the tube (must be two of them) and the cable that connects to the temperature sensor. In this tester, measure the resistance of the cable and note the closed contacts, otherwise then it will be difficult to assemble a circuit. Removing the device, try to preserve the existing oil.
Turn on the compressorto make sure it is working. Check how it heats up and define the input and output. Further input will be possible to put a filter for cleaning air, and the output required install oil filter. For these purposes, you can take a simple car filter for fine purification of gasoline, which costs about 20 rubles.
Find regular serviceable relay. If you know the brand of the refrigerator, it is best to take relay from this device. Refer (if you got documentation on the fridge, the scheme can be viewed here: and connect it the same way as it was located on the fridge. In that case, if the winding in the engine is faulty, the relay will constantly disconnect the compressor and let it immediately burn.
Equip unit with a receiver. It can be easy to purchase, and you can do it yourself as follows: take an ordinary plastic bottle, twist the lid two holes and put in two pipes for input and output. Knead up some epoxy and pour it in a bottle. Close the bottle and flip it over. The resin is drained and permanently attach the cap with tubing to the bottle.
To connect the compressorand with the desired device, use the hoses for a washer that can be purchased in the shop.
Follow the oil level in the housing of the compressorand prevent it from overheating. Work time should not be more than 45 minutes.
Observe safety precautions when working with electrical appliances. Remember, all wires should be insulated, and all work can be done only with dry hands. No one can guarantee that a homemade compressor will run long and reliably, so it's easier to buy a device than to do it myself.