You will need
  • - built-in fridge;
  • - chipboard sheets;
  • - facades of MDF, veneer or solid wood;
  • - furniture accessories.
To build free-standing fridge in the wardrobe it is possible, but this process is very time-consuming, and the final design is massive. In this case, the doors of the wardrobeand the fridgeand will be opened separately, which is not very convenient for Housewives.
Stylish refrigerator with the control system on the door can fit in the kitchen, not hiding the facades. Build for this refrigeratorand the niche, leaving the top and bottom space for ventilation, and place equipment in the available space.
In order to fit the appliances in the set, get a special built-in model of refrigerator. Select a device size which will best placed in the kitchen. If you wish to purchase refrigeration and freezer compartments separately, it will allow you to place the branch horizontally, for example, under the work surface.
When designing kitchens, calculate the size of the boxes or niches for future refrigerator. In the Assembly process headset install box. Put the fridge in the niche and adjust the legs by lifting the front a couple of degrees above the back.
Finally to build the fridge in the wardrobe will allow the design of doors. Hang the door using the system "pantograph". To do this, attach the fronts to the doors of the refrigeratorand freezer using the accessories. The doors will open due to hinges the refrigeratorand, therefore, the facades need not be secured to the box.
Some models of recessed refrigerators have a system of mounting the fronts on the skids. In this case, the door of the wardrobeand has its hinges, and when you open the refrigeratorand both doors slide together. Such suspension system of the facades is relevant in the case of the manufacture of the headset is made of solid wood, to avoid extra load on the door refrigerator.